Circle Wave x Lake Waves EP.3

Circle Wave x Lake Waves EP.3

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20 Maggio 2023 14:00
21 Maggio 2023 09:00
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Via Lungolago delle Muse, 00061 Anguillara Sabazia RM
00061 Lago di Bracciano (Roma)

Circle Wave x Lake Waves EP.3

Hello Circle People, we are opening our summer season back at Lago Bracciano, on Saturday 20th of May.

Circle Wave will be hosting its lake waves Ep.3, with after party on Saturday 20.05.2023.

Start at 14:00
50 m from the Lake.
Exclusive After Party.
Bring your swimming suit. 
Art area
Chill Area
Food area
Body painting Corner.
20h of electronic music.Circle Wave Market 

Line Up :
14:00 - Josh Ferreri
16:00 - Jack roster
18:00 - Petra b2b Nadir
20:00 - Lorenzo BITW
22:00 - Amanda Lean
00:00 - Isabelle Beaucamp ( Guest Berlin)

After Party

:30 - DSTRCT7 (Guest Switzerland 🇨🇭 )
4:00 -Lady Maru
We suggest joining the event early to enjoy the lake, the sun, the good vibes, and the quality music
Life is a circle
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