Circle Wave x Back To Origin - Vol 26

Circle Wave x Back To Origin - Vol 26

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07 Ottobre 2023 23:00
08 Ottobre 2023 09:00
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00185 Roma (Roma)

Circle Wave x Back To Origin - Vol 26

Circle Wave will be hosting its first- exclusive event in 2023, we will be back to our origin, to our main style that we started with, our Format, quality music, and beautiful locations and vibes.

Our next circle wave event in Rome, is on Saturday, 07.10.2023, at a very special location private villa in the north of Rome.

this event is our 26th event since Circle Wave was born on the 21st of July 2021, in Rome Italy.

We started as private events in secret locations in nature, we have organized events in Castles, lakes, agricultural land, hot springs, little island rooftops, Art galleries, and Clubs. In Rome, Naples, Tuscany, Umbria, and Albania.

We hosted +75 artists in our events, from 24 different countries, and we are always happy to host more and exchange music culture with the world.

The Event Details:

- Time: The event starts on Saturday 07.10.2023, at 23:00 - till 9:00.
Location - SECRET - Will be sent one week before - North of Rome.

- International community
- 10 hours of electronic music until the sun rises.
- 6 guest artists from Europe
- Body painting Corner
- New Quality Beer collaboration " Birra STRONZA "
♦️ Line UP:
♦️ MrCozzo - "Less Drama More Techno" - Paris, France♦️ 
 REA - Tirana , Albania
♦️  Nathan Colinet - "Warmer People" - London, England
♦️  Silø - "Go Wilde" - Tirana , Albania.
♦️  Andrea Zarco - "Femme la nuit " - Mexico & Barcelona
♦️Thom Grant - "Warmer People" - London, England.

- This is a community event and a safe space. No place for racism/sexism/homophobia/transphobia/body or slut shaming. we say yes to love, joy, and equality.

-As usual, we recommend you arrive early to enjoy the WHOLE experience.

Check our Instagram for more info. - @circle.wave
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